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Clash of Magic S3 (Official APK) | Latest Version {Updated 2020}

As you know that the original game Clash Of Magic Apk S1 S2 S3 S4 S5 S6 Servers? Are you looking for private servers of Clash of Magic S3? Then don’t look anymore because I am here to discuss a very popular private server, It’s Magic s3. You have to follow all the “Clash Of Magic apk “rules to win the game if you have installed COC Magic Apk on your mobile. Another frustrating thing in the original game is related to the limit of resources.

When you play the game, you have to earn the resources to buy cards and to improve your position in the game. But, the earning of resources is not as easy as you see. So, due to these frustrating things, everyone wants to modify the original game but it is not easy to do for the people. There are some experts who have modified the game and launched it through a private server. Download Clash Of Magic S3 Apk is another private server of COC. Magic games used to be top in the world. You can download the Clash Of Magic Apk game free of charge from google play store. The key to success in the clash of clans is that you have to have a lot of gems in the game to upgrade your resources, buildings, and heroes to make them more powerful in order to strengthen your defenses.

But gems are money in clash of clans and the developers want players to buy more gems with money to upgrade their defenses quickly. If the players don’t spend money than they have to go through long waiting times to play clash of clans again. So, the basic theme to progress in the clash of clans is to buy gems by spending money in the game or wait to gain resources slowly to plunder villages and trophies in your war collection. Since we don’t like to wait, most players spend money to play the apk game right away. This server solves this problem by freeing you from all these constraints. You don’t have to spend money to buy those precious gems as COC Magic S3 Private Server App has unlimited gems from the start. You can buy buildings and troops as much as you like.

This Server is suitable for those players, who like the original theme and features of fully apk game for android. So, there are zero pre-installed modes on Clash of magic S3 server. But you can install custom mod Add-ons later if you want to have some fun with friends or your clanmates.

Features of Private Download S3 Server:

  • Very High Bandwidth Capacity, meaning you will not miss out on smooth and fast gameplay, even in peak hours of server load.
  • Very high working time and less downtime of the magic COC S3.
  • This Server is Protected with the latest security Updates Regularly, so you are always safe and protected playing Magic Apk S3 on your Device.
  • This server is partially modified, meaning there is not enough customization of heroes and buildings as the magic S2 and S3 Private servers of Magic.
  • This Magic Mod Apk S3 Launcher also has unlimited gems and gold. So, there is zero building time to upgrade your base.
  • Building Count in this Private Server S3 is the same as COC original game.
  • The Magic S3 Apk is updated automatically to the latest version free of charge.
  • Compatible with iOS and Android at the same time.
  • You can run its Magic COC S3 client launcher on iOS and Android along with the original COC game.

Why Clash of Magic S3?

Because it is the most powerful servers among COC Magic Servers. As the name shows a private server, it is not hosted by the “Supercell” and you can use it without any restrictions. It allows you to get unlimited resources without spending any money. Magic S3 has unlimited resources like gold, gems, elixir, dark elixir, troops and much more. And the most exciting thing is that you don’t have to follow any rule.

Isn’t heard interesting?

You can play without any restrictions, no rule to follow, and no regulations in this private server. And you can play it according to your desire.

You can create your own town halls and kingdoms. You can also battle with your clans and can access troops without any restrictions. There, you can enjoy unlimited resources with unlimited lifetime. You can get anything without restrictions and limitations.

Clash of Magic {2020 Updated} Download Latest Magic COC Private Server

Magical Features of CO Magic S3

It is the most powerful server in the list of CO Magic due to its hardware and technologies used in it. There are some attractive features that full of the power of magic. These are as follows:

  • A very fast server
  • It provides you custom Mods
  • There you don’t have to face any limit of time and resources
  • Building time is zero, you can build thousands of buildings in town halls just in one gold.
  • Unlimited Gold, elixir, gems and much more.
  • It is secure and safe
  • Bugs free
  • Modify it according to your needs
  • No root is required to play in CO Magic S3
  • Compatible with any platform.
  • It is completely free to play.
  • In this, you do not have to face any difficulty that is in the original server. Feel free to play and have fun with this awesome app

It is really great fun, interactive, and competitive strategy MOD where your goal is to battle other summonses in real-time or to beat the challenges. The game features are allowed to custom buildings and heroes. So, you can mix and match the powers of Magic and create new characters and buildings in Magic S3. Everything is unlocked at the store.

How to Download magic s3 in android ios?

You can download your favorite CO Magic S3 easily. CO Magic S3 is compatible with Android, iPad, iPhone, and PC.  It supports normal, large and extra-large screens of devices. You must have a good connection to download it. Follow the following simple instructions:

  • You must have a good internet connection.
  • Open your system, go to the Play Store.
  • Search CO Magic S3. Make sure your device enabled unknown resources.
  • Uninstall the original COC app from your device, if you already have before downloading CO Magic s3.
  • Downloading it. It took time to download so be patient.
  • After completing the downloading procedure, you need to install it.


If you get bored with restrictions that you have to face in the original COC. Then it a very good app for you which allows the collection of attractive features. I will suggest you download the latest version of CO Magic S3. Because it will give you more features more security. If you still have any problem, don’t forget to comment below. Keep visiting for more updates. Thanks, bule stacks!


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