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Clash Of Magic S2 Apk – Download Free Latest Version Android,iOS 2020

Clash of Magic S2 Apk is another Private Server of Clash of Magic. This server is Modified just like the COC Magic S1 server. Clash of Magic app for android launcher S2 has a 99.99 percent up-time, which means you can have fun and entertainment all the time. This Server is online even when the official server is in maintenance break. This is updated with stability and new features on a regular basis. New Features bring New Mods and Customized buildings, which brings excitement and fun to COC private Servers.

There are a lot of private servers in the market but it is the best private server. Clash of clans Magic Apk is a popular game around the world and has attractive features. But these  MAgic S2 private servers are one step forward than the original game. That’s why these private servers are also popular around the world. This server supports all versions of iOS. So, you can run a magic S2 Launcher in all of your iOS devices with a very easy installation procedure. You don’t have to remove the original COC game from your iOS device before installing this server through its launcher Apk in iOS.

I know you want the best private server ever. And believe me, you are in the right place. Because there is a best private server available that is known as Clash of Magic S2.

Clash of Magic S2 Download

There are a number of features attractive to you and you will forget the original game. As I told you that there are a number of features in the original game but when you play the game through this private server, you will enjoy more than the original game.

Do you want to know what is great in this private server? Be with me to know the features of this great stuff.

APK, Features

There are a number of features of Magic COC S2 apk download. I know you are excited to know these features, don’t worry! I will not take you more time. Just let me tell you some features of this great stuff.

  • Wow! I know you are going to be more excited than your expectations because there are unlimited resources like Gold, Gems, Elixir and Dark Elixir. Everything is unlimited free of cost but these are not unlimited in the original COC.
  • Don’t worry! There are no rules, no restrictions in this Clash clan of Magic S2 Private Server. Everything is without any restrictions.
  • You can go anywhere on the map without any resistance.
  • The server is highly modified so, you can create troops, buildings according to your requirements with zero building time.
  • This private server is safe and secure, you don’t need to worry about the security. It uses the high-security mechanism that makes it secure. Your device will be secure.
  • The services are highly available due to the power of the servers.
  • Multiple players can play the game at the same time.
  • Unlimited Resources
  • Extremely different with rich features from the original game
  • Building count is the same as the original COC game
  • Lots of Custom in-game commands
  • Automatically Updates to the latest version
  • Modified Troops like “Canon Cart, Boxer giant, baby Dragon” etc.
  • Build time of the defensive buildings, Army Buildings, and resource buildings like “hidden tesla, Mortar, Giant Cannon, Army Camp, Clock tower and Elixir Collector…, etc” is ‘zero’.
  • Air-Sweeper can rotate to shoot in all directions
  • Modified Custom Towers like Village Tower, P.E.K.K.A, Minion, Barb Tower, Sneaky Archer queen tower, Baby D Tower, etc.

How the Clash of Magic S2 Server is different from the official Private Server?

It is a customized server of the original clash of clans game. But the Apk does not run on the official server, instead, it runs on its own private server which is one of the best Private Server in Clash of Clans private server. This server is optimized for speed and smooth gaming experience, which means you will not be encountering any lags or slowdowns.

There is a lot of traffic of the official server of the clash of clans and sometimes the server slows down due to lags. This is not the case when you play clash of clans on COC Magic S2. This Private server manages traffic in a very efficient manner to ensure a lag-free gaming experience. So now you can enjoy awesome graphics and new features smoothly in Clash of clans Magic S2 Server.

Difference between Magic COC S2 and original COC game:

The difference between the COC magic server and the clash of Clans game is that in the original server you have to unlock all the resources and buildings with gems, money and time, while in Clash of magic S2 you get unlocked unlimited Gems, Gold, troops, and Heroes from the start. There is zero buildup time to upgrade buildings to max level. You can also customize/modify buildings and heroes, which means this server is heavily modded.

I will now explain the typical features of this server, so you can better understand its new and latest in-game specifications and how it’s different from the original game.

Are you friendly with the mods of Magic S1?

I know you want to know the difference between Magic COC S1 and other mods of CO Magic.

 Clash of Magic S1 Vs Clash of Magic S2 

So, there is no major difference between Magic COC S1 and Magic COC S2 Both are the same in modification. There are the same features in both servers. So, the question is why the officials have launched the same services on different servers.

According to my opinion, they want to divide the traffic on the servers to make them faster and highly available. There can be another reason that they use some latest technologies to make it more compatible with the latest devices.

How to Download and Install?

Good! There is a main part of this post because I am going to tell the procedure to install it on your device.

Install Clash of Magic S2

 There are some easy and simple steps you need to follow. These steps are the following:

  • Allow unknown resources from the settings of your phone.
  • For the proper working of this private server, you have to uninstall the original game.
  • Now, download the APK file of Magic COC S2 from the internet.
  • Install it, before installing, it will ask for some permissions. You have to give these permissions.
  • Enjoy!


Magic COC S1 Server is a great clone of the COC Server. Once you have download the clash of magic S1 Apk, you can install the game in your iOS and Android without removing the original game. This Apk Can be downloaded Free of Charge from our website. The Magic Apk Launcher S1 hacks the COC game by unlocking and making available unlimited gems and gold from the shop. You can change and customize buildings and troops heavily in the game without compromising on the speed and stability.

Give us our comments and feedback down below after downloading and trying this great server Apk S2 from our hosted link server.

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