COC Hack

Download Clash of Clans Hack 99999999 (CoC Hack) Android 2020

It is Possible Clash of Clans Hack (CoC Hack Mod Apk Gems) Android, iOS only if you are willing to struggle, in enduring the pain of working day and night of finding bugs in official server. And even after all those CoC Hack sleepless nights of turmoil, you are lucky enough to find those bugs and loopholes in the official CoC Mod Apk server, the next update will quickly patch-up those loopholes. Considering supercell releases new updates to fix those bugs quickly, all of your bug findings will go to waste in the hacking clash of clans. You have to do it all over again after a few weeks again, and the cycle will continue with each and every update between you and the supercell.

Also, you cannot play clash of clans with a hacked account, because supercell servers are the most secure. Whenever they find any abnormal account or activity trying to create a modification to the set rules, the server will ban that account immediately and forever. Supercell Download it is also working with google and other security services to nail down any free hack gem COC generating sites. And they are also taking strict action against the players using these services and hacks of clash of clans.


Clash of Clans Hack Tool ApK 99999999

I was very happy that I have now hacked COC using these gem generating sites. I was riding fast and flying high at the same time in the sky, and on the ground in waves of happiness and in the thrill of excitement. So eagerly, when I ran the game on my smartphone and found zero gems there, all my excitement and thrill just sank into the sinking deepness of my disappointment. I was left with feeling of being ripped off by a scam. A Scam called manipulated Traffic and eyes on their site.

But I was adamant in finding a 100% working way of hacking COC. I was saying to myself, “there is always a way and there is always light at the end of the tunnel”. So, after sinking and going deep into the search engine and using all of my abilities and judgment to the best use, I finally found some working methods and tips for hacking Clash of clans. I will guide you through all of these methods in detail down below, so you won’t have to go through the emotional roller coaster of disappointment and scam that I have been through.

Best COC Hack  servers in Chronological Order in terms of votes and active members;

  1. Clash of Magic Private server of COC
  2. Clash of Light Private server Apk for Clash of Clans
  3. Clash of Souls COC private server
  4. Clash of Clans FHx Private server
  5. Clash of Dreams
  6. Null’s Private server for Clash of Clans
  7. Clash of Pheonix

Clash of Magic

  • Unlimited gems and gold
  • Custom heroes and buildings
  • Bug-free, safe and secure servers
  • Up-to-date private servers with close to 100% server uptime
  • 4 different servers of the clash of Magic to manage traffic efficiently and to provide unique features to the COCHacked community.
  • More than 1000,000 active members for private servers.
  • Black magic server S1 and the Power of Magic Server S2 are Modded and Customizable with Unlimited Resources in Hacked COC private server.
  • The Hall of Magic Server (S3 and S4) are not modded but they still provide Hacked COC unlimited gems on their Private server.

Clash of Lights

  • This private clash of lights server of COC, also have different servers like Clash of Lights S1, S2, S3 and S4. All have different characteristics and in-game commands.
  • Clash of lights private servers can hack unlimited gems, troops, elixir and dark elixir in the COC game.
  • They are the most stable and powerful private servers in the Hacked COC Community.

FHx Server Hack COC:

FHx server can also hack COC by providing you with unlimited resources. These servers also have different servers which are as follows;

  • FHX Server X
  • FHX Server DSG
  • FHX Server A
  • FHX Server B
  • FHX Server SG

Clash of Souls Apk Download S1, S2, S3, S4

  • Clash of Souls S1, S2, S3, S4 Apk is a very innovative server to provide cheat and codes to clash of clans free of charge.
  • It contains various graphic modifications and mods for iOS and Android without any Jailbreak or Root.
  • Clash of Souls servers is Modular, which means there are low downtimes and reliable running times.
  • The Soul Eater S1
  • The Heart of Souls S2
  • The velocity of Souls S3
  • Clash of Souls S4

Clash of Dreams (COC Hack)

Clash of Dreams Private Server also contains a lot of new mods for Android, iOS, and PC. You can also hack this private server. You will get the following resources with a private server.

  • Unlimited gold and gems.
  • Totally Free for installation on Android and PC.
  • Very Secure and User-friendly.
  • How to Hack Clash of Clans in iOS without Jailbreak
  • Hacking clash of clans using strategies and tips to maximize your resources in official COC.
  • Private COC Hack Servers for clash of clans

Hacking Clash of Clans on iOS without Jailbreaking your Device:

Tweak-box is the Ultimate tool to hack clash of clans without jailbreaking your device. You won’t have to risk losing your data or taking any unnecessary risk, using tweak-box to hack clash of clans. It is fast and safe. This means if there is any problem in the app the developers will quickly release updates to fix that problem in order to ensure your fulfillment and happiness in hacking clash of clans. And on top of it, you get to install Tweak-Box free of Charge on your iOS device to play COC Hacked Version. Isn’t it amazing?

  • Safe, Fast and reliable.
  • You can play Modified and Hacked apps and games like clash of clans on your iOS device without jailbreaking.
  • You can also install Paid Apps for Free on your iOS device without jailbreaking.
  • It’s totally free to install 😊.


How to Download and Install Hacked COC in iOS without Jailbreaking your device

Step1: Download TweakBox on your Device using this link;

Step2: Navigate to settings>>Device management>> and tap “trust TweakBox”.

Step3: After that, Install and Run TweakBox App on your iOS device

Step4:  Then, Type “Clash of Clans” in the search bar of the TweakBox. Now you can run Hacked COC in iOS

Step5: you can also customize your base and change functions of the heroes in Hacked Clash of Clans in iOS using TweakBox.

Clash Clans Hacks without using any Cheat Codes

Now I will give you some in-game tips and strategies if you are struggling to gain resources to building your base up-to max level.

  • How to Upgrade to Town Hall 12 Fast
  • First try to upgrade your defense, attack, and mines to max level and then you can upgrade your town hall to max level 12 in a short time.
  • Why you should join a Good Clan in Clash of Clans
  • Be a part of a good clan and win war games in the clash of clans, as war is the most effective way to gain resources quickly if you struggling.
  • Upgrade Gold Mines to Max to hack COC Gems
  • Make upgrading your gold mines your top priority, because max level gold mines will produce more gold per minute in the long run.
  • Overthrow Obstacles to Gain Gems quickly
  • Eradicating Obstacles is the most useful way of hacking the gem hack 99999999. Always prioritize getting rid of hurdles as your primary target.
  • Global Tournaments and Events Another Way to Hack Quickly?
  • Global tournaments and Events created by supercells in the best way to earn more gems in a short time. This is a great time-saving method in hacking clash of clans quickly in 2019.
  • So, by using these methods, you can hack clash of clans unlimited gems without using any clash of clans cheat codes.

Why Private Servers are the Ultimate Solution?

Private servers clash of clans by creating a clash of clans private server in a software house operated by some enthusiasts of clash of clans, who are tired and exhausted playing clash of clans with the same rules for years and years. These players want more freedom and fun for their time spent, which is not really possible in this official server, in which they have to constantly worry about protecting their base and of the constant competition in which they have everything to lose. They just want away, to have more fun and entertainment without investing any of their resources during the battle.

So, what is the best possible way to hack COC in the clash of clans unlimited gems hack?

Various other sites and apps like these of COC Gem Hack. I have tried all of these sites of COCHack 2019 by giving them a random profile number. The number was not even the name of the COC game profile but those Hack gem sites still generated me unlimited gems. After generating COC Hacked Gems for the fake profile they asked for my email and personal information. So, I give them all of my personal details and filled out even a survey and collected those hacked at the end after going through all those spam ads, surveys and giving out my personal information.


So Clash of Clans, now, you must be feeling pretty good about playing with this version of it using the tools and tips, I described above. These tips and tools are tried and tested by me. So, feel free to try them and download these private servers Mod Apk of clash of clans from our site using the links I provided above in each section. Do try and install these private servers and tools from our site and let me know in the comment section below with your feedback and questions. I will try my best to respond, in alleviating any questions you might have.

Thank you and Peace out!

Clash of Lights

Clash Of Lights S1 Apk DownloadLights Server 2020

Clash Of Lights S1 Apk Download Private Server is a substitute server of the original COC game. The server is easy to play and provides full independence from upgrades within the game. You will never have to buy anything from the shop with real money as the game has unlimited everything.

Clash of Lights S1 Mod APK is also free to download. The game runs with stability while providing an enjoyable smooth gaming experience. COC Lights Private Server S1 has close to 100% Up-time, with compatibility with Android and iOS. The App also supports older Android and iOS versions.

Clash Of Lights S1

In the original Clash of Clans game, the rewards awarded to free to play players are not enough. Even if you have been playing this game for two to three years, you will still not Max out your troops, Heroes and Builder Base. A lot of your troops, Heroes, and buildings will be under-leveled. And you will be constantly paired against Max Level Players.

COC game maintenance breaks, also slow down the rate of upgrades as you cannot collect and farm resources and loot, when their server is down. The game becomes painfully slow and it seems you are stuck in a cycle and can’t move forward with upgrades. So, if you are tired, then you can download COC Server S1 from the link below. If you are searching for it you have come to the right place here Download Clash of Lights. You can download it from our site totally free of charge without going through any surveys or spam files.

Private Server Apk is very secure and fast at the same time. You will get unlocked and unlimited resources playing COL Lights S1 Server on your device from the Start. You will also gather trophies in 1v1 gameplay vs other players. you can also build your base and buildings like archer tower, Elixir Storage, Elixir Collector, Town Hall 12 (TH12), etc, with ‘zero unlock time’ to max level in  Lights S1 private server.

Why do you need to Download this Private Server in 2020?

  • Clash of clans used to be the top 10 grossing games in the Play-Store, since its debut in 2013. But it’s not the case anymore. Recently clash of clans ranked #23 top-grossing Android game in 2020 on google Play-Store. This is due to the fact that the Android gaming market is extremely competitive now. Games like PUBG, Pokemon-GO, Lords Mobile continue to gross more revenues than Clash of Clans. This is due to the sluggish nature of the game and unfair player competition in clash of clans.
  • I mean the game becomes practically unplayable with long waiting times and the continued need to upgrade your resources and troops to make them more powerful. And even if you have been playing for a long time, you still feel uncompetitive. You feel like the basic freemium model of the game is based on just bad economics. In this model, the number of resources you buy and the upgrade doesn’t seem to end. You have to spend your money and time week in, week out not be attacked by someone much higher level.
  • This is where COL S1 Private Server fulfills all the flaws in the original game. If you have been playing for years and don’t want to quit then it is for you. This COL Server S1 of COC is a Clone of the original game. I mean the lights S1 Private Server is just like the original game in features and graphics. But the server hacks clash of clans by providing you with unlimited gems and gold from the shop. you will not have to endure those long waiting times to upgrade your resources. You can upgrade to TH12 in a matter of minutes right after you download from the link below.
  • Ability to attack your own village/Base by using just a single Command.
  • 100% Secured and Safe Servers. So, don’t worry about losing your data, meaning your profile in Lights S1 Apk will be Saved automatically.
  • Bunch of Commands to perform different in-game Functions.
  • Free and Unlimited Hacked Gems and Gold.

Download App for Android, iOS, and PC

COC Lights S1 Server supports Android, iOS, and PC. The App doesn’t have any pre-requisites, before the installation process as the app is one click to install and download. The app is not available in Play-store. If you want to download and try the app, then I have shared a direct download link in this article.

Many COC Hacks and Cheat Servers, require you to Root your Android and iOS phones. This factor makes the installation process very complicated. But Light Servers inherently support iOS and Android. For PC, you only need Blue-stacks or Nox Player.  The game is awesome and fun to play with friends and classmates. This is because you will not be playing for upgrades or gathering resources.


Can I run Clash of Clans Lights S1 in iOS?

Yes, you can run COL S1 Server on your iOS by downloading the client version of Lights S1 Private Server very easily from the link down below;

Do I need to root or Jailbreak my iOS and Android Device to Run COL Lights S1?

No, you don’t have to root or jailbreak your device to install Clash of Lights S1 on your device. This Lights S1 Private Server installs seamlessly without root or jailbreaking any device.


This Private Server Apk is a Modified or Mod Apk of the official COC game. This Private Server Apk hacks time and money spent on the game by providing you with unlimited Hacked and Buildings. Now you will never have to worry about being attacked by higher level players. I mean, you can play COC Lights S1 on your android or iOS device just like the original game, with awesome graphics and more addicting features without spending any money in the game. This Server is totally Free to download and install on your device.

So, what are you waiting for? just click on the link below, to download Lights Private Server Apk on your Android and iOS Now.

Clash of Lights

Clash of Lights Apk Download Home 2020 S1, S2, S3, S4,S5,S10

Clash of Lights Apk Download Free: Clash of Lights S1, S2, S3, and S4 Download (ModApk) Android is one of the popular strategic game around the world. There are a number of people who are playing the Lights Server APK Home game from years but there are some problems and people want the modified version of Lights Server COC. If you are one of those people, I am just going to discuss Clash of Lights Private Server of COC.

Basically, the Clash of Clans Private Servers Download is a game with balanced features. There are some restrictions, limited and you need to earn more resources to win the game. So, it is not easy for everyone. This is the solution to this problem.

Clash of Light

There are the number of servers clash of magic Apk available in the market but if you are looking one of the best private servers of the COC, you are at the right place. The original game provides limited resources with Download Free Clash of Clans Lights Apk With Best and Latest CoC Private Servers S1, S2, S3, S4 {How To Install Guide} restrictions. Everyone does not like restrictions and limitations of resources. Really! It’s very boring to earn resources.

The private server is compatible with the different Android versions, screen sizes, and technologies, etc. So, download and install the application as a simple app and enjoy it. As you know that it’s impossible to provide all the features and satisfaction for the users in the single mod. So, the developers have launched different modes of the private server to attract more users. Just find the best mod according to your taste and requirement and download it. The Private Servers of COL Lights have different functionalities and Playstyle. For Example, the Lights APK COC Hack version S1 provides unlimited Mod heroes and buildings with Bountiful resources. Similarly, the S2 APK Lights has the same functionalities. The Server S3 and S4 are a bit different and are made for those players who like the original function of the COC game.

So, in short, the original Clash of Clans game is a bit different from the Clash of Light server. The game requires a lot of patience and time. Some people are happy to play the game as a hobby, but some players may get addicted to the game, due to its intermittent reward system. This Setup can frustrate a lot of players. So, in order to solve that problem, the COC Lights APK is developed that unlocks all the limitations, so you can play with Freedom.

Clash of Lights S1 

One of the best S1 mods of this private server. This is known as the high modified private server because it provides access to the users to get and change everything they want. If you want to get unlimited resources, multiple players, troops, training, etc. The resources are gold, gems, elixirs and dark elixirs.

 Lights S2 Download Apk

It is the second mod of Clash Lights S2. This is also the highly modified server and behaves the same as S1. I think the developers tried to divide the traffic on the mods. These mods also provide get unlimited resources, multiple players, troops, training, etc. The resources are gold, gems, elixirs and dark elixirs.

 Lights S3 Home

The third Clash of light S3 mode of the server and this is the less modified mod. So, if you want unlimited resources with limited modifications, this mod is just for you. You will find unlimited resources like gold, gems, elixirs and dark elixirs, etc. you are just in the right place. But, if you want all these resources with limited modifications, this private server is just for you.

 Lights S4 

This server S4 Apk is not modified but provides high speed, security, safety, and many other features as well. So, if you are looking for a private server that provides unlimited resources without any modifications, you just need to download this private server.

Clash Lights Android PC iOS Requirements

There is a list of requirements that will help you to download and the proper working of the APK. If you face any problem with the procedure, you can leave a comment below. Just follow some requirements before downloading the APK. First of all, you have to provide enough storage space if you are going to download the APK. If you don’t provide enough storage space, you cannot download the APK. You need to uninstall the original game from your device before installing Lights Server private server the server is not official and launched by the third party so you have to allow unknown resources from your device. To allow unknown resources, just go to the settings of your phone and allow unknown resources from there.

 Clash Of Lights Clash Royale Mod Apk Private Server Download Latest: CLASH ROYALE, COC PRIVATE SERVER MOD APK LATEST VERSION, is free to download and play the game. The Server is also called RLIGHTS Royale Server. You have probably tried COC MOD APK Private Server of Clash Royale. The RIGHTS Server is just like that with equal speed. Clash Royale MOD APK has Limitless, Gems and Gold. The Free resources, which you will get at the start of the game are enough to upgrade and unlock all the cards in the game. You can buy unlimited Legendary and Epic Chest from the Shop totally Free.

Clash Royale Mod Apk

Just install the APK file on your device without Root or Jailbreak and the APK will run without any problems or additional tinkering. The CR Light APK File also supports Android Emulator, which means the APP supports Full HD and Big Screen Gameplay on PC, windows, and Laptop. The APP can also Run on MAC, IPAD and Mac-Book mini and PRO using MAC Emulators such as blue-Stacks.

As I told you before, the App supports iOS, iPhone without Jailbreak. There is no need for third-party apps like Tweak-Box, Cydia and Vshare, as the app natively supports Apple’s smartphone operating system. So, the APP is safe and protected and doesn’t require additional apps that might slow down your device and eat up your storage. The Light Weight APK, combined with performance and stability fixes from the Lights Servers community makes the game full of an enjoyable and delightful experience. Clash of Clans Mod Apk Download: is a Free Gem Generating Servers in 2020. The Server supports Android, PC, Laptop, windows, and iOS. The server is so much fun for playing clash of clans within your social circle.

You can download MOD APK from the links at the end of the article. The installation process is super easy and simple. The process doesn’t require any registration or filing any kind of Form or Formalities. Just download the Lights Game and Play instantly. There are four COC Lights Server of Clash of Clans. Lights also released a Private Server for Clash Royale, which is called RIGHTS Download.  Lights Server S1, S2, S3, and S4 are all very Secure and Fast at the same time. They run on equal speed, without any Lag times or shutdowns during the gameplay. The APK supports a wide range of devices from Android, iOS, MAC, and PC.


  • New Teasing Emotes, to make Fun of your Friends and other Players when they lose to you.
  • Never Ending, Gems, Gold, Hacks, and Upgrades. Never Ending Everything Free of Charge.
  • Accelerated Gold mines, and Elixir Collectors.
  • Powerful and Max Level Heroes, Town Hall 12 and Troops.
  • Clan Features and Clan Wars with Players from all over the world.
  • Multiplayer PVP and trophy pushing Battles.
  • Ability to trial your Base designs with different buildings and troop placement.
  • Pre-Unlocked Cards at the start of the game.
  • Unlimited inexhaustible resources and upgrades.
  • Custom cards from Brawl Stars and Clash of Clans.

Lights APK 2020 is always updated regularly with new and latest updates. The APP gives you a notification about the game update automatically. You can download the Latest and Secure APK from our site, as we update our database, as soon as a new version is released. It is an unlimited Clash of Clans Server. The Server is designed to run on Android, PC, iOS, iPhone, and Mac. The Server also saves your online Progress, so when you are switching devices, you can resume your saved game profile.

One thing to note about Lights COC private Servers is that the Servers have fewer downtimes. They Host Clash of Clans Mod APK on secure servers, that are free from any virus of Ad-ware. Most of the games these days are full of ads, which are very annoying. But, the Lights Hack tool APK is free from all of these annoying Features.

COC Private Server  S1, S2, S3, S4 

There are Four Servers of COL Lights APK that are named S1, S2, S3, and S4 Private Server APK. All of these servers are embedded with the latest in-game commands to perform modifications to the game in one go. You can use these commands to fill up your resources or upgrade all of your buildings. The Servers are also equipped with the latest features of the game. You will get the Latest TH-12 unlocked with millions of Gems and Elixir at your disposal. You can use those Gems and Elixir to upgrade any building and troop in the game.

The Lights Home Servers of Clash of Clans are updated frequently with stability and performance updates. This is the prime reason that COC Lights APK never slows down, even at peak times. You can play whenever and wherever you want as the servers are always online and work even you are on a slow internet connection. Most of the sites on the internet provide lights Hack free download with Ads and Surveys. This is not the case here, as you can download Light Server APK Free of Charge, Ad-free, and Survey free from the link I have shared below.

The game is also a learning Platform for a lot of players where they can learn and test different strategies and base designs on their profile. You can test and design a hybrid or trophy pushing Base to see its effectiveness against certain kinds of Attacks. For Example, if you are being attacked and obliterated by Giant and Hogs and Dragons, you can design an effective base to counter these attacks. The latest version download 2020 is a Mod APK server of the game. The Server is enjoyed and Played by Millions of Players worldwide. As we all know gathering loot and performing effective farming is very difficult, unless you have an upgraded Base and years of experience.

Clash of Clans Lights Home download is a server that is online for 24 hours every day. The Server works without any Bugs or instability with fewer maintenance breaks. So, Lights Private Server unleashes trouble-free gameplay and unlocked resources free of charge. The Lights Launcher APK has no limits on the amount of Elixir, Dark Elixir, Gems, and Gold. The APK is very light in size and installs quickly on Android and iOS without Root or Jailbreak. The Lights APK also Supports Emulators for PC such as Andy, Remix OS, and Blue-stacks.

The game has all the working modes of the original game like PVP Multiplayers Trophy battles, Clan wars, Global in game Chat Commands and ability to connect with your friends through your google account. So, if you are playing on an old server of COL MOD APK, then Make sure you download the Latest Col Light Home from the Link below. Just like Clash of Magic, Clash of Souls private Servers, the  COC Hack has also 4 different Servers. These Servers are called Clash of Clans Lights S1, S2, S3, and S4. The Servers are very easy to download and install across all the platforms including PC, Laptop, Android, iOS and iPhone.

Is the Clash of Clans Lights COC Private Server Secure?

Yes! The server is safe and secure. It uses DDoS technology that shows the security and safety level of this private server.

Is it necessary to root the Clash of lights Servers the android device?

No! the CO Lights private server uses the latest technologies that eliminate the requirement of the rooted device.


The LIGHTS MOD APK is not affiliated with Supercell nor does it is connected with the official server. The Royale Lights game is hosted on a private server, that has its own players and custom events and emotes. The game is not available on Play-Store. So, you can download the APK file from the links I have shared below.

How many mods are available of this Lights Server private server?

There are four types of mods available. These mods are different from each other and provide fun to different types of users from all around the world.

Do you want unlimited resources?

You are just at the right place because ClashofLights is a private server of COC that is hosted by the third party unofficially. It has the same game with high modifications.

Do you want to know the features of Clash of Lights Apk Download?

I am really  Download excited to tell you that there is a number of excellent features available in it. You will enjoy more than your imaginations.


The Lights Server is one of the best private servers of COC Hack and popular all around the world. There is a different feature like unlimited resources, secure services, compatibility with all types of devices, etc. You just need to download the APK to get unlimited resources free of cost. Some people say that the private servers are not safe and secure so I just want to clarify that the private server is safe and secure as well. You don’t need to worry about your privacy.

I hope you have liked my post. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends on social media. If you have any type of question, don’t feel hesitation to comment below. I will try to provide the best solution to your question.

Stay tuned for more useful posts from me. Thanks!

Clash of Magic

Clash of Magic S1 Download Apk,Clash of Clans Private Servers 2020

Clash of Magic S1 is a modified clone Apk of the official Clash Of Magic Apk game. Just Like the official game black COC S1 Mod Apk also runs on Android, iOS and even on PC using Android Emulators.

If you know the private servers of Apk then obviously you may have listened about Clash of Magic. There are four different types of servers provided by the Magic COC. Clash of Magic S1 Apk is one of them and it is known as the Black Magic Private Server. There is a number of features of it I will discuss in the following sections.

What is Clash of Magic S1?

The answer to this question is very simple, It runs on its own private servers instead of Supercell administrated servers. In the official server, you gather gold through gold mines, elixir through Elixir collector and Dark Elixir Drills. These Elixirs are used to upgrade heroes, troops and buildings in the game. But there is one problem, in the official game; to accumulate these resources, you have to play the game for 2900 days straight.

I mean, it would take years for you to max these resources in the official game. It is the private server of Clash of Clans and launched by the Clash of clans Magic in 2015. As I told you that it is a Black Magic Private Server. It means that you can play the game through this private server magically because there are no rules, regulations, and restrictions.

Did you want to know the difference between Clash of Magic S1 and Clash of Clans’ original game?

The original game is launched by the Supercell but this private server is launched and hosted by the third party unofficially. There is another major difference between the  COC Magic S1.

As you know that there are rules, restrictions and limited resources in the original game. But there are no rules, restrictions and there are unlimited resources like Gold, Gems, Elixir and Dark Elixir. So, I know you will prefer the private server over the original game. Are you excited to know about the features of the Magic COC? Don’t worry! because I am just going to tell you the features of this great private server.

Clash Of Magic S1

So, if you want to progress quickly in the official game you have to buy gems, which can only be purchased from google play store. But gems are very expensive in the playstore and not everyone can afford to buy those expensive gems by spending their hard-earned money. But even if you spend your money on those expensive gems, you still cannot buy resources to your satisfaction. Which is a bummer in my opinion, and in short those expensive gems are not worth your money?

Magic S1 Apk is a user-friendly solution to this problem. It provides you with unlimited resources and unlimited gems in zero time. I mean when you download S-1 Private Server Apk to your Device, all the resources are already unlocked with unlimited gems. Isn’t it Cool?

Below are the important Features of S-1 Server that you would appreciate

  • Unlimited Gems (COC gems 99999999)
  • Unlimited Gold “100 Million”
  • Unlimited amount of Elixir “100 Million”
  • Dark Elixir=’”1 Million”.
  • Zero Building time in upgrading your base.
  • Unlocked Latest Town Hall 12.
  • Custom Heroes and Towers
  • Compatible with iOS and Android.
  • Heavily Modded, So you can avail unlimited custom buildings free of charge
  • Builder base in 1vs1 single players mod.
  • In-game built-in Chat Commands.

List of Mod Towers in Clash of Clans Magic S1

  • Mod Jon Awen Tower
  • Mod Damager Tower
  • Mod Electro Dragon Tower
  • Mod Villager Tower
  • Mod Barbarian King Tower
  • Mod Archer Queen Tower
  • Mod Minion Tower
  • Mod P.E.K.K.A Tower

How to Download and Install?

Step1: First download S1 Mod Apk from the link below;

Step2: Once you have downloaded the private server Apk on your android device, locate the Magic S1 file on your phone’s internal storage directory.

Step3: Allow ‘installation from Unknown sources’ setting option from your Android when you are installing the COC MAGIC S1 MOD Apk file.

Step4: Congratulations! You have now installed COC Magic S1 private Server Apk on your android device. You can now enjoy mod building and heroes. Go and have fun playing Magic Launcher S1 on android.


Clash Of Magic Download Apk

So, the Clash of Magic is the modified version of the COC that is launched by the developers privately and unofficially. There are no rules, no restrictions, no limit of resources. You will find everything unlimited in the game. Do you want to know the resources that are unlimited in the CO Magic Private Server?

Take a look below:

  • Unlimited Gold
  • Gems
  • Elixir
  • Dark Elixir
  • Troops
  • Cards
  • Trophies
  • Buildings

Some people say that you cannot install it on some phones because some screen sizes are not supported. And some people also say that you have to root your device. So, both types of people are wrong. You don’t need to think about this propaganda. Every mentioned thing is unlimited in this private server. You just need to download the CO Magic Private Server to enjoy all these modifications. There are a number of features that will make you more excited than your expectations. Some of these features are the following:

  • First of all, all the resources are unlimited. These resources included Gold, Gems, Elixir and Dark Elixir.
  • The server uses DDoS technologies that make it safe and secure.
  • You can modify it highly. It means you can create your own troops and buildings with zero building time.
  • High availability due to its powerful servers and high network bandwidth.
Install For Android

You are just one step away from enjoying the features of this great stuff. There are some simple and easy steps that you can follow very easily.

  • First of all, you must have an android device with a minimum 4.0.4 android version.
  • Go to the settings of your phone and allow resources from there.
  • Now, uninstall the original game.
  • Open your browser and write “Magic S1 APK Download” in the search bar.
  • Now, open the first link and download the APK file from there.
  • After completion of downloading, go to the storage location where you have stored the APK file.
  • Tap on the file, it will ask for some permissions like Media access, Phone Identity, Call identity, WIFI connection information, etc. Just allow these permissions and installation will be started automatically.
  • Maybe your phone will be restarted for 2 or 3 times. Don’t worry! Just wait.
  • After completion of the installation, an icon will occur on the screen, tap on it and start playing this great stuff.



Magic S1 or Clash of Magic Launcher Apk is loved by millions of players all over the world. The S1 Server is a much more versatile and suitable server for clash of clans players, who don’t want to spend years to gain resources. This server provides you with Customized Mod troops and players in a matter of minutes. You can buy and upgrade buildings as much as you want. You can also run this server on android and iOS.

Clash of Magic

Clash of Magic Apk Latest Versions Download 2020 S1, S2, S3, S4

Do you want to Clash Of Magic Download Apk S1 S2 S3 S4 S5 S6 2020? You are just in the right way if you want to download to play in your free time to get entertainment. There are many other private servers Clash Magic Download Apk S1 S2 S3 S4 S5 S6 of Clash of Clans available on the internet for you but if you are looking for the best one you just need to download it.

I have already published some posts related to Clash of Clans Private Servers. So, if you are looking for any other private server, you just need to visit my previous articles. To explore and download CO Magic on your android device, you have to stay with me! Today, we are going to discuss another apk which is also called download 2020. Just read on and I will guide you on what is this and why you should download and install it in 2020.

It can save you from spending your money and time and resources by making you free and independent of this human hack of COC. CLASH OF MAGIC HACK the rules and regulations in COC by giving you unlimited troops, maps, gems, and gold in a very short period of time, so you don’t have to spend your hard-earned money on COC 2019.

Clash Of Magic

One of the best private servers of Clash of Clans. As you know that is a popular strategic game available on the internet free of cost. It is launched by the supercell. But the CO Magic is launched and developed by the third party on the unofficial private servers. So, before downloading this private server, you just need to take care of some instructions.

Download Launcher S1, S2, S3, And S4 Hack Mod 2019 COC Magic Launcher: If you are looking to download the latest updated version 2019, you are at the right place here. COC Hack has four different servers that are called clash of Clans magic S1, S2, S3, and S4. They are also called Clash of Clans Magic Private Servers. You probably know that latest and updated COC Magic Mod APK hack download version, Host game code on its servers. The Gameplay is identical to the original game. The only difference between COC Magic APK and COC games is that the Magic APK is free from IN-APP Purchases.

Why Clash of Magic?

As you know that is the original game and the features of the Clash of Clans are balanced to provide balanced entertainment to the users. If some features are not balanced properly, the developers balance them in the new updates. So, you have to earn resources to win the game if you are playing it. But it is very difficult to earn resources. To earn the resources, you have to play and win the game regularly. It can consume your lot of time and effort.

On the other side, the CO Magic private server provides unlimited resources free of cost. So, you don’t need to earn resources to survive in the game. It is a very interesting and useful feature because you can save you a lot of time and effort. Now, no will be able to beat you because you have unlimited resources free of cost. These resources include gold, gems, elixir and dark elixir, etc. As I discussed already in some articles, it is very difficult for the developers to fulfill the needs of different types of users with the one APK file. So, they launched four different types of mods of this private server to address the wishes of four different types of people.

Download Launcher S1, S2, S3, And S4

You can buy every resource in the game, without spending any penny. It is very easy to progress in the game without winning, without waiting or without Gathering resources. This is because you get 99999999 Clash of Clans Hack Gems when you install CO Magic Server APK on your Android, PC, and iOS.

The APK is highly functional and compatible with all the devices and operating systems. You don’t need any special skills to install the APK and there is also no need to modify or change any settings in your device’s factory settings. The APK installs safely and runs without any crashes or bugs.

  • Download Launcher

The gameplay becomes more intense, more addicting and more fun with Friends and your Clan Mates. You can also request custom Everything, by sending a simple request to Developers. The game also has the global chat window from which you can befriend other Clashes. You can join new clans and you can form new alliances to advance your cause in the game.




Magic S1 is the most reliable and trusted server of COC Hack because it’s been around for a long time in the online multiplayer community of Magic. You will get unlimited custom resources and mods in the COC Magic S1 Server.

APK MOD is a private Server of Magic. The server provides non-stop COC Gameplay 24/7 without any breaks or hinderances. The S1 Magic APK also runs across multiple platforms. The Magic S1 COC unlocks unlimited COC hacked gems, accelerated Gold mines, Elixir Storages. There are also unlimited Troops Upgrades available in this Private Server.


  • Magic S2  (THE HALL OF MAGIC)

Magic S2 Private server of COC has a lot of bandwidth and Juice for playing it. This Magic Server S1 has a lot of traffic because its close to 100% up-time but at the same time it’s very fast and Lag-Free. You will also have unlimited gems and gold plus zero building time in this server S1. You will have custom heroes and buildings in this S1 COC Mod.

Clash of Magic S2 is a customized MOD APK. It runs without Lag or shutdowns smoothly for millions of Players worldwide. The server is totally fun to play with friends, family, and classmates. This fun happens because the server has Limitless Buildings with Zero Upgrade time.


  • Clash of Clans Magic S3  (THE POWER OF MAGIC)

Magic S3 (Power of Magic) is not a mod server. A Mod Server is a private Apk that allows custom buildings and heroes. You can modify/change your heroes and buildings with your creativity, which suits your needs.  Magic S3 server Apk is without those custom Mods, heroes and Buildings, but it allows you to have unlimited resources (Elixir, Dark Elixir, Gems, and Gold, etc.)

Magic S3 COC unlocks millions of Resources containing Gems and Hero Upgrades. The server contains Lights Modification to the original gameplay. For example, the building Count in this Server is Limited. The troops and Heroes are not heavily Modified. The server also runs on a powerful trouble-free server in the background.


  • Clash of Magic S4  (THE POWER OF MAGIC 2)

S4 (The power of Magic S4) has the same features as the  S3 server. It has all the features of the No-Mod COC App Apk. This COC private Server S4 is updated with the latest version of the game with rich features, like in-game Chat commands and many more unique features.

S4 is a very stable and simple COC Private Sever of magic. The server is without any modification to builder troops, villages troops, and buildings. So, the server is a perfect clone of the original game. The only difference between this server and the original Server is that the S4 COC APK contains millions of Gems from the shop at the start of the game.


  • Clash of Magic S5

 Coc Hack Private Server Apk Download: COC Hacked Private Server 2019, is a server that unlocks Millions of Gems and Gold at the start of the game. You can upgrade any building or Troop using the COC Magic Private Server APK. It is very easy to progress to Max Level TH-12 and TH-13 in days.

S5 is another Server from magic Community. The server also supports players with bountiful everything in the game. you can build and test your base designs in the Magic S5 Server with Max-out everything including Buildings, Wizard tower, Golem, archer tower, etc. COC Hacked Private Server Download is an APK that doesn’t require your time and money for upgrades. There are Zero wait times and everything is unlocked right from the start. So, you can easily learn the game and all of its features. All of these features will help you become a better player quickly.

  •  COC Magic Apk Private server is a powerful private Emulator/server of COC. It is also called Magic Mod Apk of COC. Clash of Clans Private server apk 2019 is the best private server in the game in recent Era. This is a high-speed server of COC which ensures Lag-Free gaming experience for the COC community.
  • COC private server is almost Bug-Free because of the latest updates its developers bring to the game by listening to its die-hard fans and community’s Feedback. Which is always a nice feeling and a key success factor to any Private server’s stability and speed. You feel like with every update magic Apk private server becomes more immersive and user-friendly. And there is always more stuff to explore and experiment with.
Why Clash of Magic COC Can save you from yourself
  • Clash of Clans COC game basic they revolve around building a new base, training its troops unlocking new spells and elixir and collecting gems through defeating and combating invaders, that attack your village. If a Clan attacks your Base you have to defend it using your time and skills, And then when the time is right you attack other clans to plunder and loot resources to your advantage.
  • The game consumes all of your time because you have to be on the alert 24/7 from the invaders who might attack your village to deprive you of your resources. This constant defending and being alert and then attacking other clans create a constant adrenaline rush inside, which makes you feel addicted to the game in the long run. This addiction can cause sleep deprivation, and deteriorating health problems.
  • COC Players also spend a lot of money in the game to outmaneuver their opponents in-game quickly. It is because we humans are wired to take the least resistance path available to us. So, if a player has to spend a week to upgrade his Base freely, he will likely spend some dollars to upgrade that low-level base in a day to make it more powerful.
  • We, humans, are also wired to the things or feelings which make us feel a sense of accomplishment, and a sense of freedom to make decisions independently. When we feel those things, our concentration and focus increase. We feel time distortion and the feeling of being immersed in that challenging experience. This is called a flow state in which you feel satisfied after accomplishing your goals.

 Clash Of Magic Apk 

  • High-Speed Servers
  • 99% Uptime of this Server.
  • DDoS latest Protection from spam and viruses.
  • Up-to-date servers with quick fixes of bugs reported by the passionate community.
  • Air Sweeper addition which can attack in all directions.
  • Build time is zero to upgrade all resources.
  • Cross-platform private server of COC magic which spans across all platforms like android, iOS, and even PC.
  • Room for modifications and creativity in the game.
  • No need, to uninstall the original version of it when installing S1, S2, S3, and S4

Coc Hack Private Server

COC Hack Private Servers are also called COC MOD APK. The reason we call it the Mod APK is that the CO Magic APK provides new heroes and buildings. There are also exciting events that make the game very enjoyable and rewarding.

These Private Servers are fast speed and hosted on a solid-state server with a lot of Ram. The Servers have different features that fulfill the needs of a wide range of players. The reason Developers have created these four servers is because of the increasing popularity among players. There are Millions of Players online each second on Magic Servers. The Servers provide a fluid gaming experience for all of these players. The players can take part in Clan Wars to successfully defend their town hall and village.

All of these  Magic Servers are compatible with Android and iOS. You can also run them on PC. The procedure is a little difficult as you have to download and set up an android emulator. But it is very rewarding to play Clash of Clans on a big screen with the high performance of PC. The Big Screen Online Play will add a whole new dimension to Magic Hack tool Gameplay, as the buildings and Troops will look more realistic in High Graphic details.

Requirements to install Apk Download on Android:

  • Your Phone should have android 4.1 Jelly bean to play COC Magic Apk smoothly.
  • Make sure there is a minimum storage space of 100 MB on your android device before installing Magic Private server Apk.
  • There is no need to uninstall original apk from your android device because the latest version of Magic Mod Apk is compatible with the original game. Now you can save your precious mobile data having to re-download and install original apk or Magic Apk again and again.
  • You have to allow WIFI and storage permission from your android device.

How to run Clash of Clans Magic Apk Download on PC:

You can run Magic Mod Apk on your PC with a virtual machine software. A virtual Emulator is like a Virtual Android operating system on your PC where you can install and play COM Apk on your PC, Just like a real android device, isn’t it Cool? Read down below and I will explain to you what are the best Virtual PC  Android Emulators For you;

These are the best PC Emulators/Simulators to run COM Private server apk on your PC

  • NOX Player, NOX APP Player
  • Droid4x
  • Bluestacks
  • Menu Player
  • KoPlayer
  • Genymotion

Here is the Step by Step General procedure to Run COC Magic Apk on any of the above Emulators on your PC or Windows;

Step1: First you will need a PC having the specifications of Core i3 or Core i5, 4GB RAM with a dedicated Graphics Chip like Nvidia or AMD Radeon.

Step2: After that, you have to download and install an Emulator of your liking, on PC.

Step3: Create your personal account on Installed Virtual Emulator (refer to Step1)

Step4: Now Download the Clash of Magic Apk on your PC our website using this link;

Step5: Now paste the downloaded COC Magic Apk into the directory of your virtual machine on PC. The directory means the storage location path where you installed a virtual machine on your PC, it would be C:\Program Files (x86)\BlueStacks, by default.

Step6: After pasting the Apk install the Magic Mod Apk on your Virtual Device.

Step7: Congratulations! You can now Play and Enjoy COC Magic Apk on your PC.

How to Download and install Apk Download:

Here is the step by step process of downloading COC MAGIC MOD APK on your Android Phone.

Step1: First download Magic Mod Apk from the link below;

Step2: Once you have downloaded the Apk file. Locate the.Apk file on your phone’s internal storage.

Step3: Allow ‘Unknown sources’ when you are installing the file.

Step4: After successfully installing the Apk file, now you can enjoy unlimited chests, Heroes, gems, Dark Elixir, and all unlocked troops and town hall in minutes with added modifications in visuals in  MAGIC PRIVATE SERVER MOD Apk

  •  Magic Server Apk is the most versatile, Fast and Feature-rich than all the other private servers. Other private servers require you to uninstall Original COC Apk. But this is very special in this regard. You can install COC Magic Apk on your device without removing anything. There is also no need to root your device, which is an unnecessary requirement in running Apk.
  • Clash of Clans Freemium Model works at the expense of your time and money. The game hooks you up deeply using Psychological Tricks backed by decades of expert research into it. It makes you completely addicted, to such an extent that your time and money is at the stake all the time. It saves you from those psychological hacks by giving, unlocking and removing the limited bait type model of the freemium. Is Free to Play with unlimited Gems and Gold. Now you can have only Fun and entertainment using it.


As I told you before, The is compatible across all platforms. So, if you are searching for Hacked that can Modify with custom everything for PC, Laptop and Windows then Magic COC Hack is the right APK for your Magic S6 APK contains a lot of fun commands and in-game features. The server has characters in the game that you cannot find in the original. You will love different new characters and buildings in Magic COC S6 as it will make the COC gameplay very unique.

I hope you will like my contribution but if you still have some queries related to this topic, you can comment below. Play and Enjoy the game with unlimited resources. Thanks!