Clash Of Clan COC Hack Gems Mod Apk Download 2020 COC Bases Th5,Th6,Th7,Th8,Th9,Th10,Th11,Th12

Are you new to COC Bases Th5,Th6,Th7,Th8,Th9,Th10,Th11,Th12? Or are u struggling for quick trophies in the game? If that is the case, then don’t worry, as we will help you survive in Clan Wars, with the latest best COC bases design and layout for ultimate defense, attack and farming. Your opponents will find your base very hard to conquer, as it will be protected and balanced from all sides.

Clash of Clans game updates with balance changes regularly. Whenever a balance update is released characteristics of Buildings, Heroes and Troops are modified. These alterations leads to new COC BASE designs. So, depending upon the nerfs and buffs in the game, your current COC Base might be outdated. What worked in 2019 war, trophy and farming bases designs, might not work in 2020.

You need a new base level and town hall builder base design and we are going to help you choose the best Clash of Clans Maps.

Best COC Bases TH (4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12) War, Hybrid, Trophy, Farming Base Layout and Designs

Designing your own base can be difficult and can take a lot of experimentation, Hit and Trial time. It is far easier to copy a base design that has balance defenses, attacks and trophy pushing design. Just try the copy Base Map yourself, and do modifications to your taste. This method is more effective, then designing a new base from scratch.

The ideal COC Base Layout, depends upon what a player usually desires. If his goal is to protect his base from Farming, then a trophy or war base design might not work. The same thing goes for Vice versa as your progress depends upon a particular situation and scenario of your gameplay.

Best TH4 Hybrid, Trophy, War, Farming  COC Base Layout and Design

TH4 Hybrid Base Design and layout

The theme of a Hybrid base for the TH4 Map design is to protect, Elixir, Gold and other valuables along with successful trophy defense. When you are at TH4, there are limited numbers of buildings available for defense, so in order to protect your trophies from higher level players we need to design a base that is strong centrally, prioritizing Town hall protection.

You can also interchange the storage positions with your defensive buildings, whenever you are facing players who are interested in gaining your loot.

Here is the best TH4 Hybrid Layout

Best TH4 Trophy Base Layout and Design

TH4 trophy base is designed around for the ultimate defense of the town hall. This is because, Town Hall is the most important building, when you are pushing for fast trophies. when your town hall is compromised, you risk losing your trophies in quick succession.
Here is the latest TH4 Trophy Base Map, to gain trophies fast

TH4 War Base Design and Layout 2020

When you are a TH4 and fighting Clan Wars, there is a higher chance of being paired with opponents who are two to three levels higher then your town hall. It is nearly impossible to win against these higher level players. So, your survival depends upon, defending as much as you can and not getting 3-star every-time. with the latest TH4 war base design i am sharing here, it will be much easier to defend with anti 3-star.

Ultimate TH4 Farming Base Layout

For the TH4 farming base design layout, our ultimate goal is to protect our major Elixir, Dark Elixir and Gold Mine resources from people that are hunting for loot. We do this by deceiving and diverting their attacks to less important buildings, while cloaking the building we want to protect at the same time.

I have found, the best TH4 farming layout for the year 2020, make sure you try it our and make modification to your taste in the future.

Best TH5 War, Trophy, Hybrid, Farming Base Layouts and Designs 2020

TH5 war base is centered around channeling your opponent army, where you want it to go. The Clan Castle is usually placed in the center of the base to get the maximum utility out of clan castle troops.

This is the best example of a TH5 war base Layout. Take the basic theme from this design and learn how you can prevent your opponents 3-star your base.

TH5 Farming Defense Base 

Farming Bases are designed and optimized to preserve DE. It is the single most resource in your base and your whole building map will be designed around with its defense in mind. So, all your valuables are distributed all over the map, to divide the incoming opponent attack.

TH5 Trophy Base

Quick trophy pushing, while protecting the gathered trophies is the ultimate goal in TH5 base. Town Hall is like your kings Castle and all effort must be provided to make its defense stronger. So, all of your strong Air, Ground and Splash Damage units, should be organized in such a way to deny engagement with town hall.

Here is the best TH5 Trophy base design and layout for protecting against Balloons, P.E.K.K.A’s, Wall Breakers etc.,

Town Hall-5 Hybrid attack and defense base

Hybrid Base is a Balanced Base in defense and attack. The Attack and Defense buildings like Mortars, Air Sweepers, Traps and Wizard Towers are evenly divided across the map. There are less weak spots and the most important Buildings and Elixir storage are protected strategically by placing them centrally.

Top TH6 War, Trophy, Hybrid, Farming Defense and attack Base Layouts and Designs 2019


Town Hall TH6 anti 3-star base is designed to protect Clan Castle and Town Hall buildings with Mortars and Air- defense placed centrally and in very close proximity to with each other.

Gold mine and Gold Storage and elixir collectors and storage are placed on the base periphery.

TH-6 Trophy Base Layout Best

For the ultimate TH6 defense base for trophies, the canons are placed on the outer layer wall compartments. All canons are in triangulation with each other to cover attack from all sides. Again the Storage of Gold and Elixir are placed outside, but this time they are protected with Canons, archer towers, wizard tower and mortars that are situated in close proximity with each one another.

The cannons are backed up by wizard towers and mortars and all of these defensive units complement the successful defense of town hall and Clan castle, which are placed at the heart.

TH-6 Hybrid Base Layout

This is an example of a symmetrical base, that is well covered from all sides. The defense is not compromised in any way as there is an equal protection of resources and precious buildings. This Hybrid base is a standard version of a well balanced base, with equal emphasis on Town Hall and Elixir Storage.

You can make the necessary changes depending upon the game play you want to execute. For Example, the base can be easily optimized for trophy defense and Farming.

TH-6 Farming Base Anti-Everything 2020

The design and Layout is perfect to deter players, who are sniffing around for a quick loot. The Base is a trap. Over eager opponents will find it very difficult to break through as the strong defense around Resource storage will slowly nullify their attack with surrounding archer towers, Mines and Giant Bombs.

Level TH-7 COC Defense Trophy Base

This is a truly unique base design with intelligent placement of Defensive units to guard Town Hall and Elixir Storage. The Gold storage is used to bait opponents attacking troops. When Goblins, Archers and Barbs tries to steal the loot, they countered by strong defense from Mortars, Canons and Bombs.

TH Level -7 COC Farming Base

This Base is an ultimate example of Town Hall-7 Farming Base. No defense preference is given to Town Hall as it is placed outside unprotected. The Base is designed in order to preserve Gold Storage with Mortars and Air Defense. The Air and Ground Defense in the center region is difficult to penetrate through.

So, your opponents will only be able to destroy your town hall, thus touching your resources intact. Your Base will be protected with additional 12-Hour Shield, while will give you time to generate and farm more Loot.

TH-7 COC Clan War Base Anti Dragon, Anti Hog

Although the Town Hall is Placed on the Corner of the TH-7 Base, the structure actually works very well to counter Dragons and Hogs. For destroying Hogs, a series of Canons and Mortars counteract them, while Wizard towers and Archer Tower finish off the incoming Dragons.

TH-7 Hybrid base COC

I have to give this base a 5-star rating for the innovation and symmetry. The Base is very difficult to analyse for the opponents as it has no weak spots. There is also an unpredictability element. Your opponents won’t figure out the best sport to attack, so there is a high chance that they might leave your base unattended.

TH-8 Best COC Hybrid, Trophy, Farming and Clan War Base Layout and Design 2020

TH-8 War Base Anti Everything

To make your Base anti everything in Clan wars, try to place your Clan Castle close to center, as it can do considerable damage per second with time and it is one of the best defensive structures in the game, if used correctly.

TH-8 Trophy Push Base

when it comes to trophy pushing, a well designed base has the pentagon structure of canons and archer towers. This Layout gives Equilibrium to all sides.

Here is a Th-8 Trophy Base

COC TH-8 Farming Base

The Farming Base of town hall 8 is designed in triangulation with Mortars, Archer Towers and Wizard towers. The Dark Elixir Storage is covered with Air and Ground defenses that deals with splash damage to troops.

TH-8 Hybrid Base

This TH-8 layout is specifically designed to defend against Giants, Heal Spell, Air units and Hogs. This Layout do a good job of protecting your DE. If you have a full DE Storage and want to protect it at all costs, then this design is for you.

TH-9 Best COC Hybrid, Trophy, Farming and Clan War Base Layout and Design 2020

TH-9 War Base anti 3-star

When you are at level 9, the stakes are high and your clan need your last ditch defense in order to progress. It doesn’t matter if your opponent wins. The Goal here is to prevent him to destroy all of your base. The Base design i will share here, will accomplish the task for you.

TH-9 Hybrid base Design

The Hybrid Bases are interchangeable and well protected from all sides. Canons, Mortars and Bombs are spread out on all sides. Out of 4 sides, two are protected with Hidden Tesla’s to counter Dragons and Air and Ground units. The Base handles splash damage well as Mortars and Archer towers protect from swarms of barbarians, sneaky archers and Goblins.

Here is the Base Design

TH-9 Trophy Base COC

Nowadays, some players want to push higher trophies quicker. They don’t care if they lose resources as long as they prevent their opponent even getting a 1-star. Town Hall is heavily protected with Mortars, Clan Castle troops and Air defense.

Here is a best example of TH-9 Trophy Base

TH-9 Clash of Clans Farming Base Layout

Hogs are a cheap and effective way to destroy buildings quicker. Considering their Presence is the recent meta, we need a base COC Layout to protect our defensive structures. If our defensive Buildings are alive, there is a good chance to prevent the opponent getting the loot.

TH-10 The Best COC Hybrid, Trophy, Farming and Clan War Base Layout and Designs-Anti 3-star, Balloon, Hog 2020

TH-10 Trophy Base 

The Ultimate preference is given to Town Hall 10, which is compartmentalized with Walls in the heart of the base. Dark Elixir and Gold storage are also protected with X-Bows, Air sweeper, Air and Ground Bombs. Archer queen and Barbarian King Altar adds an additional Security Layer.

TH-10 Hybrid Base Layout COC

The base fulfills all the parameters of a successful Hybrid TH-10 Base. For example, archer towers are in triangulation and square formation with each other. This arrangement is ideal for covering the maximum area.

COC TH-10 Farming Base Design

At TH-9 the wizard tower is very powerful and has a range of 14 tiles. The Base that i am sharing here, protects Gold, Elixir and Dark Elixir by using an effective use of wizard tower. Gold resources and Elixir storage are protected with mortars and wizard towers to counter swarm loot stealing units.

TH-10 Clan War Base COC

No such preference is given to Dark Elixir and other precious resources. Its hard to penetrate inside the Center of the base as XBox, Hidden Teslas, Air Sweepers and peripheral Wizard towers.

TH-11 COC Hybrid, Trophy, Farming and Clan War Base Layout and Designs Anti Barch, Giant, Hog 2020

TH-11 Trophy Defense Base Design

The Base design is a little different from other defensive bases, as attacking and defensive Giant Bombs, Traps, Mortars and Canons are located on the outside walls of the base. The important defensive structures are used to guard the Town Hall.

Clash of Clans TH-11 Hybrid Base

Protecting Trophies and Resources with the base i am sharing here, will be a breeze. The Mortars and Air defense is well spread out. The resources can be seen in even distribution.

COC TH-11 Farming Base Layout

The design is very simple and straightforward. Opponents will analyse the layout quickly and will try to overwhelm your base. But, based on real life data, the loot gained by opponent is minimum. The enemy was only able to loot gold as DE Storage is heavily protected.

TH-11 Clan War Base COC

This base is perfect as the Town Hall is surrounded by spring traps, multi layered walls and Sneaky Bombs on the borders. Giant Bombs are on the outside to weaken the enemy attack.

Top clash of clans bases Town Hall (4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12) War, Hybrid, Trophy, Farming Base Layout and Designs

If you want to improve your game Play and move up the trophy ladder higher, then i will share with clash of clans War, Hybrid, Trophy, Farming Base Layout and designs. The knowledge will equip you with all the necessary tools for an effective defense against, Hogs, Golems, Giants and Dragons. You can change designs depending upon what you want in the game. So, without further Ado, lets get started.

Clash of Clans TH-8 Clan War, Trophy, Hybrid, Farming Base Layout and Design anti 3-star

In this base, we can see the effectiveness of the base against swarm and dragons. The Wizard Towers are placed in a Triangular shape around the town hall, while the Mortars and canons are well expanded to distract incoming troops.

Clash of Clans TH-9 Clan War, Trophy, Hybrid, Farming Base Layout and Design anti everything

The TH-9 Clan, Trophy and Hybrid Farming Bases are designed to counter everything including P.E.K.K.A’s, Giants and Loons and Minions. The base Designs use optimized placement of Clan Castle to lure and funnel opponent army in a funnel. The resource management is also top notch, as DE and Elixir Storage are never placed in one place.

TH-10 Clan War, Trophy, Hybrid, Farming Base Layout and Design Clash of clans

The TH-10 War, Trophy, Hybrid and Farming Base Layouts counters Lightening, Heal and Poison Spells. The Splash damage Towers are placed far enough to protect them against spells such a freeze or lightening. The Layouts are ideal for an impenetrable defense.

COC TH-11 Clan War, Trophy, Hybrid, Farming Base Layout and Design COC

The Base designs of TH-11 Trophy, War, Hybrid, Farming Clash of Clans will teach you to place your defensive splash and Air target units in a triangle. Every defensive building should execute perfect symmetry with each other to cancel out enemy raids and loots. These placements are also suitable for Clan Wars.

Clash of Clans maps Town Hall (4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12) Layout and Design

The Designs i will share here contains tried and tested successful attributes for a well balanced hybrid base, fully defensive Trophy pushing base layout, DE protected farming bases and vigorously working War base for Anti 3-star every time.

TH-8 Clash of Clans Maps, Farming, Trophy, Hybrid and War- Anti 3-star, 3500+ Quick Trophies

Building a complete COC Layouts Base is never easy. You have to keep in mind the kind of opponents you are facing, the attacking troops, etc., So, no base design is perfect and you have to keep performing necessary tweaks as you progress along. This is because what works for the lower trophy range for the TH-8 Base, might not work for powerful and high skilled opponents.

TH-9 Clash of Clans Maps, Farming, Trophy, Hybrid and War- Anti Hog, Anti Giant and Golem

For an Equal Defense of Loot and Town Hall at TH-9, that is the hybrid design, the town Hall is covered by 4 Tesla units, which provide equal defense from Air and Ground units. The DE and TH is also secured with X-Bows and Wizard Towers surrounding these two precious buildings. So, try this Layout and Give the feedback in the comments section.

TH-10 Clash of Clans Maps, Farming, Trophy, Hybrid and War- Best to counter Dragons and Loons

In this Base the DE is protected with Hidden Tesla, while the outside surface of the base is protected with archer Towers, Canons and Mortars. The Xbox is placed relatively close to the outside walls. Air Sweepers are used alongside X-Bow units, to delay the enemy air attack. The Air Bombs Placed in close vicinity finish of the Air Troops slowly along with Air sweeper.

TH-11 Clash of Clans Maps, Farming, Trophy, Hybrid and War-Ultimate Resources Defense

The TH-11 Base i am sharing here is very difficult to penetrate through with any Giant or Hogs. The X-Box combination with Spring, Skeleton Traps and Hidden Tesla make it near impossible opponents to steal your Dark Elixir Storage. Town Hall 11 Defense is also Prime.

Clash of Clans Builders Hall (3,4,5,6,7,8,9)

Builder Hall is Equal to Town Hall in the original Base. It is the most important building of Builder’s base and can give your opponents 1-star, if not defended properly. Defensive Buildings Such as Canons, Crusher, Roaster, Walls, Traps, Air Bombs, etc., are used for a successful defense of the Builder Hall. For the Correct placement and layout of these defensive buildings and Builders Hall for all levels 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 levels, follow this guide below.

The Tips will help you execute a perfect defense each time, as preventing your opponents 1-star your base is very important and can be the best attack strategy in disguise.

The Main theme for the best layout of Builder Base Hall of all levels is the use of effective Ground unit Buildings like Crusher, Giant Canons, etc., To further protect the defense buildings use Air Bombs, Tesla and Long Range Attack units like Mortars and Archer Towers.

Builders Hall Base Level BH-3 attack and Defense strategy Layout 2020

The Basic theme in BH-3 level Base design is to place the builders Hall at the center of your base, while protecting it safely from all sides with defensive Air and High DPS units on ground in close proximity with the center. Traps should be set in such a way as to lure the enemy troops into the center, so that your central defenses finish them quickly.

Builders Hall Base Level BH-4 attack and Defense strategy Layout 2019 Anti 1-star

For the optimum Builder Base Hall level 4 Defense place Archer towers parallel to one another on one side and do the same with canon on the other side. The Air Bombs are placed close to the wall but in between the archer towers, while the double canons are placed centrally to shotgun Giants and swarms.

Builders Hall Base Level BH-5 Design Anti 3-star Trophy Base

The Base is very good when you are trophy pushing and want to gain 3300+ trophies. The walls are well placed and everything works well in harmony. The Builders Base is placed at the back with defense structures such as Multi Mortars, Fire Crackers, Crusher and Double Canon all stacked up in the same compartment at the center of the base.

Best Builders Hall Base Level BH-6 Lithium Design and Layout for Best Defense and attack

New defense buildings are unlocked at level 6. Players are equipped with a strong builders base, Tesla and new crusher design. We can use them effectively in level 6 for anti 1-star and 2-star. I like the Crusher placement which are diagonal to the main center. The space between them is filled with 2 Fire Crackers. Outward defenses consists Multi Mortars, Archer Towers and Canons.

Latest Builder hall Level BH-7 Base layout and Design Anti Bomber, Witch and Baby Dragon

The Base Design effectively use Fire Cracker to counter Dragons. Multi Mortars and Giant Canon are closely spaced to ensure a bulletproof defense. The Archer Towers are placed at corners, while the double cannon is placed at the center of the periphery.

Best Builder Hall Level BH-8 Base 2019-Anti 1 Star- 5000+ Trophies

The Design of the Builder Hall base 8 is a little different from all the previous bases. The Builder Hall 8 is placed off-center, while being protected with Mega Tesla, Air Bombs and Spring Traps. Mega Canon is also located close to the Builder hall doorway to increase the added protection. This TH-8 base best works for Anti-P.E.K.K.A, Giant and barbarians.

Builder Hall Level BH-9 Layout and Best Defense Design COC 2020 TH9

Builder Hall 9 ideal layout for Anti- 1 Star, best defense and attacks revolves around triangulation of attacking Buildings. You should also try to make your base as balanced as possible. The reason i am saying that is because, if all side are covered well, there will be less weak spots.

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Wrapping Up

Now you would be feeling pretty good and excited about the base, i have shared here. Try them out, make modifications as you advance and progress in clash of clans.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment below and i will make sure to help you.